Ivoine Strachan
About Me
I am a high school dropout with a obsession for technology and making a difference.I am currently working on Sinerider an open-source game about love and graphing I am committed to learning and growing, and I believe that education is not limited to the classroom. Join me on this journey and let's build a better future together.
Interesting facts about me:
  • 19 years old
  • Live in The Bahamas
  • Traveled 2,000 miles to San Francisco for 4months
  • Played in a national CARIFTA chess tournament
  • Me being creative
    Showing my journey and what I'm working on!

    Febuary 13 2024

    Tazer Me Elmo

    built this so when my roommates walk near the elmo they would get shocked really end up being funny

    Febuary 13 2024 Image 1

    Waymo Activities

    Self driving cars!!

    February 23 2024

    Hackathon in Boston

    Explored Boston and built a robotic arm

    February 23 2024 Image 1
    February 23 2024 Image 2

    Dec 31st 2023

    Sleeping in the airport

    Moving to San Francisco for the year, moving into my apartment with three random people I never met

    Dec 31st 2023 Image 1
    Dec 31st 2023 Image 2
    Dec 31st 2023 Image 3

    March 1st 2023

    Flying to San Francisco

    I flew to San Francisco with the hope of getting an internship and meeting wonderful new people and building cool projects. I was able to get a referral at Google.

    March 1st 2023 Image 1
    March 1st 2023 Image 2
    March 1st 2023 Image 3
    March 1st 2023 Image 4

    May 25th 2023

    Learnt how to weld

    During my stay in the Bay Area I learnt how to weld which was pretty cool. I welded a really cool piece together at the end of the day.