Ivoine Strachan
About Me
I am a high school dropout with a obsession for technology and making a difference.I am currently working on Sinerider an open-source game about love and graphing I am committed to learning and growing, and I believe that education is not limited to the classroom. Join me on this journey and let's build a better future together.
Interesting facts about me:
  • 19 years old
  • Live in The Bahamas
  • Traveled 2,000 miles to San Francisco for 4months
  • Played in a national CARIFTA chess tournament
  • Me being creative
    Showing my journey and what im working on!

    March 1st 2023

    Flying to San Francisco

    I flew to san francisco with the hope of getting an internship and meeting wonderful new people and building cool project i was able to get a referral at google.

    March 1st 2023 Image 1
    March 1st 2023 Image 2
    March 1st 2023 Image 3
    March 1st 2023 Image 4

    May 25th 2023

    Learnt how to weld

    During my stay in the bay area I learnt how to weld which was pretty cool. I welded a really cool piece together at the end of the day.